Band and Chorus

Fourth Grade Band

Mark your calendar now for our "Evening of the Arts" on Wednesday, May 10th. The Art Show takes place before the concert - the music begins at 7 pm in the HBEC gym. The 4th Grade Band and the 4th Grade Chorus will perform at this concert. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Just a quick reminder that all students must bring their instruments and music to all lessons and band rehearsals. The full band meets on Days 1 and 7 of the cycle. You can always check the calendar by logging in on the Essential Elements site.

Lesson Requirements:
Each student music bring their instrument and music to each lesson (percussionists must bring sticks and music). Don't forget your signed practice sheet - it is worth $.25 at school store.

Fourth Grade Chorus

Fourth Grade Chorus is open to any interested student in fourth grade - there are no auditions. If you were not in chorus in the fall, but would like to be - now is your chance! The chorus meets on Days 3 and 9 during the school day and there is no cost associated with being a chorus member. There are optional performances that may be available and have costs associated with them (TVHS National Anthem, Reading Royals), but these are not required chorus activities. 

The 4th Grade Chorus will perform at the Evening of the Arts on Wednesday, May 10th at 7 pm.