TVSD K-8 Approved Safe Snack List 

Dear TVSD K-8th Grade Families,

The Twin Valley School District is committed to the wellness of our learning communities and supports our students and staff diagnosed with life threatening allergies or other medical concerns. Life-threatening allergies are on the rise nationally and affect 5% of children and 4% of adults, including many students in each elementary center.  People diagnosed with severe allergies can have devastating reactions that can result in serious illness, or in extreme cases, death when exposed to a specific food allergen. Some are at-risk only if they ingest the identified allergen. For others, simply touching a desk in the classroom or a water fountain that has the allergen on it can trigger an allergic reaction.  In recognition of the welfare of our students and staff, TVSD has adopted the following procedures to address classroom birthday celebrations, daily snacks (if permitted by the classroom teacher), and classroom parties.

  1. No food is permitted to be sent in to school for birthday celebrations. Alternative celebration items may be brought in to the classroom to give out to students such as stickers, pencils, or other small tokens. Other alternatives may include donating a book to the classroom or school library in honor of the birthday celebrant.
  1. Snacks must come from the recommended safe snack list.  This list was made with consideration to the elimination of peanuts and tree-nuts as well as promoting healthy snacks. Snacks are not to be shared in the classroom. The approved list of snacks may have additional restrictions depending on life threatening allergies that may be present in the classroom.
  1. While food is not necessary for seasonal classroom parties, if any treats are provided to students during parties they must follow the guidelines of the recommended safe snack list. 

Thank you for assisting us in providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our students and staff. Please see attachment for details on the approved safe snack list. Visit our website under the Health Services Allergen Safe Information tab for more information

TVSD K-8 Approved Safe Snack List - July 2018.pdf


Dr. Robert Pleis

Posted by SHORAN On 30 August, 2018 at 10:11 AM