Welcome to Honey Brook Guidance

My name is Alison Lane, and I am a PA Certified Elementary School Counselor.  I am a member of the Pennsylvania School Counselor's Association and the American School Counselor's Association.  I have over 20 years experience working in public schools in both New York State and Pennsylvania. If you would like to contact me regarding your child, please either e-mail me at or feel free to call at (610) 273-3615, ext. 5020. 

Elementary School Counselors can be found teaching developmental guidance lessons in the classroom, leading small groups, working with children individually and collaborating with administrators, teachers, parents and other outside school agencies.  They often work with children on academic challenges, social challenges and emotional concerns.  While school counselors are  not "therapists", they are often the first place a parent can turn when there is a  question or concern.  School counselors can help parents find needed services, gather information and provide education on a number of typical and atypical school-related issues.  Please feel free to use your school counselor as a "first stop" resource.