Guidance Corner

Guidance Corner
Posted on 09/16/2016
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1st Quarter Update

Grade 4: All fall we have covered bullying, conflict resolution and social skills. We will continue to explore this topic.

Grade 3: November through December, once weekly, instructors from the Caron Treatment Center will be teaching the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) in 3rd grade.  The purpose of this program is to provide children with skills that are the building blocks for prevention of substance abuse. Ms. Lane will attend these presentations with the individual classes.

Guidance classes will continue with the topic of career awareness. We have already covered bullying and conflict resolution skills.

Grade 2: We have been working on friendship building, social interaction and bullying.

On November 5, The Crime Victims organization of Chester County addressed child personal safety in the classroom. Each child went home with a personal safety coloring book.  We had the parent program in October (which was open to all HBEC parents) and teacher training will occur this winter during staff development. This is part of our ongoing approach to child safety.

Grade 1: We will continue to address kindness, making friends and getting along with others.

Kindergarten: We are moving into units on identifying and managing feelings.  

Compliments of our wonderful PTO, all of our children were able to attend an assembly on bullying called, “The Power of One!”  The content was consistent with our philosophy about bullying and the power of bystanders. Thank you to the wonderful HBEC PTO!