Mr. Gambler

Welcome to the Honey Brook Music Room Web Page. 

My name is Mr. Gambler. I'm glad you are here - you will find many interesting things about K-4 music program, as well as 4th Grade Band and 4th Grade Chorus.
Please check this page often for information and updates. 

May 6th Update:

- Hope everyone is staying safe!
- There will be an opportunity for American Young Voices, as well as ALL STUDENTS in our school. Information coming shortly, but save June 2 at 2:30 pm for a fun concert experience!
- Normally, we hold Instrument Fairs for any 3rd grade student interested in band. We are currently evaluating next year's band program and will have more details later.

Daily Schedule:
4th Grade
3rd Grade
2nd Grade

1st Grade
 Elementary Music Clipart

What will your child be doing in music class?

Students in grades K-4 have music 3 times every 12 day cycle. Music classes are 40 minutes long.

The music experience includes singing, playing instruments, listening, and moving. All students play Orff instruments, bucket drums, and classroom percussion instruments. Third and fourth graders use recorders and African drums, along with a variety of African percussion instruments, throughout the year. 

Lessons are designed to meet the TVSD music curriculum, which is based on the Pennsylvania Arts and Humanities Standards and the National Music Standards. Units at each grade level focus on melody, rhythm, expression, harmony, and form.