Music Links
Classics for Kids - composers, games, and instruments - FUN!

DSO Kids - a great source of information about music for kids

Music Tech Teacher - over 130 puzzles, games, and quizzes for kids. Some are right at your level (3rd and 4th graders), while some are more advanced. Email me your favorites - good luck!

NAfME: The National Association for Music Education - a site for parents and teachers

New York Philharmonic Kidszone
- games and composer information

Recorder Master - play this fun recorder game - parents: you will need to set up a free account on this site

Recorder Karate - please get your parent's permission before practicing Recorder Karate from home, as they will need to email me for the password. The user name is "karate" - I will email you the password.

San Francisco Orchestra for Kids - a great website for games and information

Squeaky's Recorder Playhouse - this website has a lot of information for recorders and note-reading

The Star-Spangled Banner - learn about our National Anthem and the flag that inspired it

The Ultimate List of On-line Music Education Games - a HUGE list of music education resources