Art Curriculum
We explore a wide-range of art media during the school year including drawing, painting with watercolor, tempera, and acrylic. Students will create sculpture, ceramic works, printmaking, collage, and mixed media. We will learn the elements and principles of design and how to successfully use them in our work. Throughout the year your child will learn about the history of artists and artist techniques. We also make many cross-curricular connections - math, social studies, science, reading and writing - to what they are learning about in their classrooms. Don’t forget to ask them what they learned in their specials each day!!

Report Cards & Grading
Visual Art grades will be issued at the end of the 2nd & 4th making periods for all students in third and fourth grades.  Along with self-assessment of their own work and progress, students will be assessed every class for a final grade on their report card with the following criteria:

1. Effort and Expectations - Tries their best, participates and seeks help when needed. Follows classroom expectations.

2. Art Skills - Completes all steps. Demonstrates an understanding of skills, concepts and creativity.

3. Craftsmanship and Work Quality -Presents all work neatly and with care. Treats and uses materials appropriately.