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I am so glad that you are visiting my website!  Please take a moment to look through the information on my site and become familiar with Physical Education at Honey Brook.

               August/September PE Units 

3rd and 4th Grade

‚ÄčTeam Building/Adventure

Students in 3rd and 4th grade are currently working through a unit centered on several key skills. 

       -Problem Solving

       -Positive Attitude

Classes are presented with a problem.  Students must work in teams using the skills mentioned to solve the problem.  I particularly like teaching this unit at the beginning of the school year so that students learn teamwork, communication and respect for each other.  

2nd Grade

Recess Activities

Currently, 2nd-grade students are working through recess games.  After opening each class with an active warm-up, students are introduced to a different recess game that they can play at recess.

       -Wall Ball
       -4 Square
       -Around the World

These are the main games covered in class.  The goal is to have each student feel comfortable joining in one of these games while knowing the rules and how to play.  The "Fair Play" also make sure that students across classes and grades play the same way with the same rules. 

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Students in 1st grade are leaning some new warm-up activities to get their bodies moving right away in PE.  We will also be review activities from last school year while adding in new ones.  Our main focus for this month is to move safely in the gym, review general space concepts, safe fair play as well as other skills.

Students in Kindergarten are learning about the gym and how to safely move around inside of it.  We will be covering lots of the same information for the first month to ensure student safety.

       -Home Bases (how to leave and return to one spot)
       -Walk, jog, run (our first warm-up)
       -4 Corners, Partner Tag, Stuck In The Mud Tag and many more (safe touch
         when tagging, moving in general space safely, eyes forward so we see
         where we are going).