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 Welcome to HBEC Reading Support

Mrs. Murtaugh - reading specialist

Mrs. Mantz - reading support teacher
Mrs. Stoltzfus - reading support teacher
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Twin Valley School District strives to provide extra support to all students in order to help them excel.


Reading brings the world to your fingertips.

Welcome to the Joy of Reading
   As Reading Support teachers at HBEC, we work in conjunction with your child's classroom teacher to improve reading skills. 

How to Choose a "Just Right Book"

 We teach our students to use the "five finger rule". That is, every time a word is
      unknown, put up one finger. If you have five fingers raised after reading just the first page, the book is too hard. It can be revisited at a later date.

    Short Vowels
When the sound of a vowel is unknown,
the entire meaning of a sentence can be changed.

Joe picked up the pet.
Joe picked up the pot.
 Short Vowel Sounds
      a - apple
      e - egg
       i - iguana
      o - octopus
      u - umbrella

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